The Art Inside of You

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Bucket full of paint with a blank canvas.

As your life progresses you paint it with you passion and emotion of your colour.

Only to express your story through the canvas you have painted.

To share and to inspire through the foot prints you have left behind as you progressed in your life.

The art inside of you.


You share and pass on the story you have painted for the young.

The sprit will carry on by those who have inspired by your art,

The art inside of you will never end, even if your life comes to an end.

This is the art you have created for others to carry on.


Only to inspire, but not to impress.

This is the true form of art.

Do not fear the death, but fear that one day you will not be able to inspire one’s life.

Even if you slipped time to time, this art will only progress.


Perhaps this is the art no one will ever put the price on,

but only to observe what you have painted through the eyes which shine for you.


This is the Art inside of you.

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