Plastic World

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The world you live is the world you create.

Everyone has their own world, with their own set of rules.


When two world collide, the inspiration will begin.

One will teach you the love you seek.

Another will teach you the life through their mistakes.

The real beauty in teachings of life.

But this is just a dream.

Truth is we live in a plastic world.


We lie to ourselves, we fear to talk the truth and we avoid the truth.

Laugh and drink till we are satisfied.

What a beautiful world we live in.


We jump into the swimming pool just for our sake.

Knowing the world is seeking for extra cups of water for those in need.


We scream and cry for our freedom.

Ignoring the screams, the nature and the reality makes.


Beauty within us may already been destroyed.

Until you find yourself in love.

To impress the another world.

What a phony love that can be.


Do we cry because we are in pain?

Or do we cry because we are too selfish?


Do we laugh because you are happy?

Or do we laugh because you are blinded by our entertainment?


At the end, we are just another plastic world.


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