Monthly Archives: January 2015


Young at Heart

It takes years to build.

It takes second to destroy.


We fuck it up by our mistakes.

We reconstruct with our mind and heart.


We engage and get rejected.

Then fight back to prove others wrong.


We cry and think over.

We adjust and replace, finding the perfect place.


Young at heart.

Wrinkles on the surface.


We hold hands and wish.

We let go, and screams for our escape.


Thoughts after thoughts.

Trying to figure out what went wrong.


Only then we realize where we slipped.

Then over and over.


Life long journey awaits.


Hide and Seek

You hide to seek what is ahead.

You hide and seek what you have left.


Only to express your emotion from your hiding cave.


You seek to express your mind with craze.

You hide and seek from your maze.


Only to express your mind from your hiding cave.


You seek to crave for your escape.

You hide and seek in your comfort.


Only to escape from your cave.


You hide to seek in your mean.

You hide and seek in your excuse.


Only to find what you made your cave.


Mind and heart.

Hide and seek.


Only to escape from the game you create.

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